Android™ is a computing platform designed for use in some smart phones and other devices. This technology, which is owned by Google, Inc., includes an operating system, software, and applications. The operating system is based on Linux, which provides advanced computer processing. Android™ technology is maintained and continually developed by the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

History of Android™

Google purchased Android Inc., a 22-month-old Palo Alto, California, startup in July 2005. Android Inc. was co-founded by Andy Rubin, maker of mobile device Danger Inc.™ The purchase was key in Google's move into the wireless technology market. In 2008, Google introduced the HTC Dream™ as the first marketed phone to use Android™ technology. Since that time, this platform use has expanded to other smart phones, tablet computers, E-readers, netbooks, and other devices.

Android™ applications

Although Android™ technology is increasingly being used on a range of devices, the most common hardware to use this platform is mobile phones. A large community of developers regularly write applications (apps), including games, social networking, and business modules, for Android™ smart phones. There are a wide range of free Android™ apps, including games and productivity titles, and paid apps are even more common. Android™ technology — which is used by thousands of developers because it is freely available for download — has given software developers the opportunity to sell their creations to a wide group of consumers.