Telecom Infra

Telecom services have been recognized the world over as an important tool for the socioeconomic development of a nation. In addition to fulfilling the basic need of communicating with each other. Telecommunication is a prime support sector for rapid growth and modernization of various other sectors of the economy. Qualified and competent in-house design teams at STC are proficient in designing and developing all types of towers using relevant and latest software that use national standards. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery for Tower Manufacturing and allied Structural Fabrication Facilities and with significant technical expertise, Aster builds solutions that are fast and reliable.
Engineering Services (Wireless & Wire line Networks)
  • Design, Manufacturing and Supply of Tower
  • Cell Site Infrastructure Construction
  • OSP works for Optical Fiber Communication Networks
  • Manufacturing and Installation of Shelters
  • Installation and Commissioning of Telecom Equipments
  • Operation and Maintenance of Networks
  • Project Management Services
  • Radio Frequency Engineering Services (Wireless) Radio frequency engineering service is provided for all wireless Networks such as GSM, CDMA and Wireless Broadband networks Like Wi-Fi, WiMax and LTE. The skilled and consummate service Team ensures that the network design with its multi-technology Capabilities meet the performance objectives of customers.
    Radio Network Design & Planning
  • RF Nominal Planning
  • RF Site Surveys & Site Selection
  • In Building Solution Planning
  • Transmission Network Design & Planning
  • Transmission Planning
  • Microwave Line of Sight Survey
  • Microwave Link Budgeting and Link Engineering
  • Microwave Network Planning
  • Drive Test & Optimization
  • Drive Test for GSM / CDMA Networks
  • Comparative Drive Tests
  • Post Processing of Drive Test Data for Network Optimization
  • Engineering Services (Wire line)
  • Topo Map study, OFC Route Design & feasibility study
  • OFC Survey (Long distance / Access)
  • Soil investigation, preparing BOM and estimation
  • Row clearance
  • GIS based Optical Fiber Network Design
  • LAN / WAN Networks for Enterprises
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning Experienced and Qualified Engineers are deployed for installation and Commissioning of all Telecom equipments.
    Scope Installation & Commissioning of:
  • BTS / BSC (GSM / CDMA / Wimax / LTE) and MW equipment
  • SDH / DWDM equipment
  • L2/L3 Switches, Routers, Metro Ethernet Network (IP Core /Aggregation Edge)
  • FTTH / FTTX Wireline BWA (GEPON / EPON)
  • NOCC Testing for VSAT equipment
  • Equipment for In building solutions
  • Network Management System
  • Operation & Maintenance Operation and maintenance division endeavor to provide dependable, Qualitative and responsive solutions to meet customer requirements. The services provided are cost effective. The teams deployed are project Specific and well trained with required skills. Scope
  • First Level Maintenance of BTS/BSC equipments (GSM/CDMA/Wimax/LTE)
  • Optical Fiber Cable Network Maintenance
  • Infra Maintenance of BTS / BSC Sites
  • Infra Maintenance of Data Centers/ MSC
  • Maintenance of Enterprise Network (Voice / Data / Video)

Operational & Maintenance

O&M provides complete range of Fiber Optic Services from laying to maintenance. We ensure that customers get best quality services meeting global standards. With the proliferation of mobile/telecom operators in J&K, STC has achieved a renowned position as optical fiber service provider in the state. While our client stay focused on their core business we take care of their life-links; maintaining their fiber cables through tough terrains under harsh conditions. Presently O&M has 8 FR teams working with Top operators in J&K to maintain their more than 1700 Kms as per SLA & provide the upkeep of 24/7. Our Services in this domain Include:
  • Long-haul networks, Outside Plant (OSP) and Data Networking Services
  • Fiber Optic Engineering & Expansion: Route Design & Drawings
  • Splicing: Single Mode, Multimode, Panel Termination etc
  • Outside Plant (OSP) network Design, Construction, Implementation and Maintenance Services
  • Filed Survey, Digitization and Planning of Fiber Optic Network and related jobs
  • Civil Works jobs for Fiber Optics implementation Projects
  • Turnkey solutions for Long Distance Projects and Access Networks
  • Fiber & Copper cable Troubleshooting, Restoration & Testing Services
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Emergency services 24 X 7 support

Our success to work with country's key operators is an evident proof of our professionalism. We have been trusted to maintain vital routes for major operators in J&K.